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"Desert Skies" is the previously unreleased debut album by LA-based cosmic country-rock combo the Beachwood Sparks. The album includes their first 1998 single, as well as never-heard before recordings, all carefully remastered. A must have for fans of the band, and for Southern California psychedelic pop lovers everywhere.

Recorded with the original sextet, Desert Skies is technically the Sparks’ debut, a glimpse into the infancy of the psych-country outfit. The heavy chords of the album-opening title track are a surprising jolt, yet maintain the same breezy Laurel Canyon harmonies for which the band later became known. – FILTER MAGAZINE

It’s a revelation to hear just how fertile the band’s songwriting and overall sound was during these early days. – ALL MUSIC

Well worth considering as a high point of Beachwood Sparks’ recording history. – The LINE OF BEST FIT

A treat for both long-time fans and newbies. – CMJ

So far, so far out. – UNCUT

A short but brilliant example of West Country psych/folk/rock and one of the best of its genre. – PENNYBLACK MUSIC

Recorded in 1998, it was shelved prior to the release of the self-titled ‘debut’ in 2000. A number of the songs originally slated for Desert Skies found their way on to their first proper release. The good news is that they sound different here. Really different. And better. Much better. On the self-titled debut, the twang was in full show. – SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT

The eight song vinyl version is my pick of the formats – masterfully sequenced and perfectly satisfying. – The ACTIVE LISTENER

When is a reissue not a reissue? When it’s the previously unreleased (and remarkably accomplished) 1997 debut from these cosmic California country-rock throwbacks. Dig out your Nudie suit. – WINNIPEG SUN

It’s often a mixed bag when bands dig out their first, previously unreleased studio tracks and thrust them upon the public. But in the case of Beachwood Sparks, these “lost” recordings are generally better than anything they’ve done since. – BOSTON GLOBE

I’m not sure why it took so long for these songs to finally see the light of day, the songs are way too good to be buried for so long. – DAGGER

The album hints at the dusty SoCal psych twang that comprised Beachwood Sparks’ actual 2000 Sub Pop debut, but resonates with more edge and volume, like Velvet Crush and Big Star steered by Gram Parsons. – MAGNET

This is a hugely enjoyable reminder of how the Sparks caught fire, here you can tease out the influences before they formed into something that had its own distinctive identity. – AMERICANA UK