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Andy Gabbard is a singer/songwriter/multi­ instrumentalist from Dayton, Ohio, who plays with Buffalo Killers, a band that he founded with his brother Zachary. He is also a former member of Thee Shams, a garage rock band that he joined when he was seventeen.

Andy’s solo work has been compared to the usual suspects: Brian Wilson (who praised his recent EP of Beach Boys covers), Neil Young, Syd Barrett, The Beatles, and even Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana. But his sophomore album Plenum Castle is a departure from the straight­forward fuzz pop of his debut effort Fluff (he actually performed all the instruments on that one). This new album goes deeper in the pop, playing with new sounds and styles, and showcasing a skillfulness in songwriting.

Fluff is a magnificent Rock & Roll album overflowing with so many stellar, brain-burrowing melodies, it’s more than fair to call it a Power Pop record (emphasis on both the “power” and the “Pop,” equally). Gabbard recorded the entire album in one 12-hour session and played all of the instruments, something you would never guess by listening — it sounds like a full band that has been together as long as Gabbard’s main project. The guitars are often loud and blissfully fuzzed out, while the bass and drums pound out the rhythms with muscular abandon. Blended with those remarkable, often gorgeous melodies, it creates a sort of joyous “dirty beauty” that is irresistible. – CINCINNATI BEAT

Andy Gabbard has been performing as guitarist and vocalist for Cincinnati-based rock band Buffalo Killers for nearly a decade, and is now stepping out on his own with his solo debut, the simultaneously distorted, psychedelic and enthusiastic Fluff. Cut in one 12-hour session with Gabbard on every instrument, one track barrels into the next, urgent but not rushed, and evokes some of the fantastical imagery of Syd Barrett and Roky Erickson and the fuzzy bliss of Dinosaur Jr. and the Atomic Bitchwax. – Chris Steffen /ALL MUSIC

Trippy-tinged collection of tunes that brings fuzzy pop sense to Gabbard’s writings. – POPMATTERS

While this album is 12 songs, it's over before you know it. Perhaps that's because the songs are so good that you aren't even really aware of how much time has passed since you started the album. If you're a fan of Buffalo Killers, it's safe to assume that you'll love this solo album from Andy Gabbard.” – AXS / EXAMINER [5 out of 5 stars]

An unforgettable experience for listeners. – DIFFUSER.FM