TRIPTIDES “Alter Echoes” out now!

Triptides continues their  jangly, wiggy voyage into the unknown. – SHINDIG! (5 star review)

They write impressive songs, not unlike their more famous inspirations. And in some cases, even better. – AMERICAN SONGWRITER (4 star review)

You could view the album title as a smart pun; in the course of these eleven tracks, they move through a succession of musical personas, though happily continually reflective of each other so that Alter Echoes remains a definite organic whole. — BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS

Brings to mind ’60s psych rock with a sunny California vibe. – GLIDE MAGAZINE

You will be instantly reminded of The Byrds, but these folks bring their own brand of jangle pop to the table, however well worn it might be. And in this pandemic still plaguing us, it is so refreshing and calming to hear upbeat music. – ECHOES AND DUST

L.A.’s Triptides  push a bit more progressive than they have in the past. Still flirting with those summer sun jangles, they slice much deeper into the gauze of their psychedelic side, tapping lysergic pools that hit the psych-pop sweet spot. – RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES

Their sunniest, most polished, and hardest rocking album to date. — ALLMUSIC

A mix of sun-soaked, ’60s-sounding, psychedelic pop – think The Byrds and The Beatles – and far-out space rock. — SAY IT WITH GARAGE FLOWERS