More great reviews of TRIPTIDES “Alter Echoes”!

You could view the album title as a smart pun; in the course of these eleven tracks, they move through a succession of musical personas, though happily continually reflective of each other so that Alter Echoes remains a definite organic whole. — BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS

Their sunniest, most polished, and hardest rocking album to date. — ALL MUSIC

A mix of sun-soaked, ’60s-sounding, psychedelic pop – think The Byrds and The Beatles – and far-out space rock. — SAY IT WITH GARAGE FLOWERS

It is so refreshing and calming to hear upbeat music. The band is led by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman, with drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar, and bassist/guitarist Stephen Burns. The sound is bright and clean, and good production abounds. – ECHOES AND DUST

Triptides craft a pure jangler, built on The Byrds’ crisp and harmony. The band stun the sound for a drag ‘round the sun on the second half, but it only lets the warmth seep in further as the psychedelics overtake the ring of the strings. – RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES