Live review of BEECHWOOD at BERLIN NYC

When Beechwood came on stage at Berlin tonight, Lawrence and Simons looked like androgynous models preparing for a fashion shoot, and Tineo looks like the tattooed guy who was going to steal your car while the others distracted you. Once the trio started rocking, however, Beechwood was all about high-energy rock and roll with garage-style simplicity and raw, sweaty bravado, Beechwood carved a sound that was as charming as it was rudely aggressive. At times the songs seemed to start with inspiration from 1960s pop, but by the time they reached the bridge, they transformed into basic, humming chords that hammered the glam start into a gritty groove that borrowed from British punk and shoegaze. Beechwood has a unique, drilling sound that could take the band far. – THE MANHATTAN BEAT