☮Brent Rademaker (GOSPELBEACH) featured in the North Bay Bohemian

THAT ’70S SOUND Brent Rademaker, right, channels the 1970s in his new songs for GospelbeacH.
It’s going to be nearly impossible to miss Brent Rademaker at this year’s Huichica Music Festival in Sonoma.

The Los Angeles–based musician will be hitting the stage at least three times over the festival’s two days: with his country band Beachwood Sparks; alongside brother Darren in surf-psych project the Tyde; and leading his throwback folk-rock outfit GospelbeacH.

“I’m going to be like [David] Crosby at Monterey [Pop Festival],” Rademaker says. “Except that I’m not going to take acid.”

GospelbeacH is Rademaker’s main focus these days. The band’s sophomore album,

Another Summer of Love, is out June 16. – READ THE FEATURE HERE