★★★½ 3 and half stars review of LEFT LANE CRUISER “Claw Machine Wizard” from ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Claw Machine Wizard does sound just a bit less raunchy than their past few efforts, and contrary to expectations, that turns out to work in their favor. Don’t worry, this album is still industrial-strength stomp-down blues-rock, but Jason Davis’ engineering and mix add a bit more clarity to the group’s attack, and the result boasts a bit less grime and a bit more groove, which helps these tunes shake long and hard. The cleaner palette also gives Freddy J IV’s noisy guitar figures more space to strut their stuff, and brightens the snap of Pete Dio’s drumming. Davis’ guest keyboards boast a punch that kicks like a second guitar, and the band’s attack sounds leaner, tighter, and more muscular than it did on 2015’s Dirty Spliff Blues. None of these changes to the band’s attack are radical, but the details do make a difference, and taken together, they help make Claw Machine Wizard one of Left Lane Cruiser’s best albums to date. – REVIEW HERE