Nice “Grade A” review of JACK LEE “Bigger Than Life” from GOLDMINE

Top Five Reissues of 2016 (#3)

The first 11 numbers are from the Jack Lee’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1 LP (wishful thinking at its finest), and include Lee’s rough and tumble takes of the aforementioned “Come Back and Stay” and “Hanging On the Telephone,” as well as snappy power pop ditties such as “Women,” “Give Me Some Time” and “Good Times,” all sung in Lee’s edgy, soulful rasp. The rest of the tunes (save one b-side) are from Lee’s hyper-rare, self-titled 1985 album, originally released only in France. These range from the raging “Sex” (cut with the semi-legendary Rubber City Rebels) to a whole batch of slightly mellower songs that rely more on synthesizers than guitars. The best of these sound like could-have-been-hits: “Bird in a Cage,” the melancholy “From Time to Time,” “The Girl in the Picture” and “Time Machine,” a sadly sweet tale of longing that’s been begging to be heard by a wider audience for 30-plus years. – John Borack / GOLDMINE (Grade: A)