Review of KING MUD at the Jug Jaw’s Beat Club via OUTLINE (UK)


Playing as a three piece with drums, bass, guitar and vocals the set was every bit as loud and intense as I anticipated. Blasting his way through the strings of two guitars during a 90 minute set, undeterred Freddy told stories while the band jammed as he re-strung the guitar ahead of the next glorious punky blues onslaught. It was obvious that they were having a blast and were thrilled to be playing here. The set was mainly of originals but as well as a Robert Johnson cover I loved the references to “native music” covers that they played, The Troggs and Dr. Feelgood. “Nobody knows Dr. Feelgood like you guys know them, it’s an honour to play it on this sacred ground!” Standing close to the 60s Shure tower speakers the volume was intense but it was an honour for me to hear them in this way. – READ THE REVIEW HERE