It’s still rock and roll to me : The BONNEVILLES, DATURA4, The BLOODHOUNDS, PAUL COLLINS, and PRIMA DONNA via The Vancouver Sun

It’s still rock and roll to me: Tom Harrison’s album reviews here

“What kind of music do you play?”

When I was in a band, I always hated that question.

I’d answer, “Rock and roll,” knowing that said nothing. Too many eras, too many styles, and we didn’t come from or fit any of them. We were a rock and roll band for whatever that was worth.

So the brief summaries that follow are of rock and roll records leaning to some degree to blues, country, punk, garage, the ’50s,’ 60s or later. For what it’s worth.

• The Bonnevilles are a raw duo with punk, folk and blues influences on their Arrow Pierce My Heart.