Nice NO DEPRESSION review of KING MUD “Victory Motel Sessions”


Supergroup — the word alone is pretentious. Super to who, and why? To my recollection there’s been far more terrible black wax than collectible records made by bands coined supergroups. King Mud is the antithesis of this theory. The dynamic duo of Left Lane Cruiser’s Freddy J IV on guitar, the holder of my very favorite record of 2015,and the incomparable time keeping and skin beating by punk blues prophets, the now defunct Black Diamond Heavies’ drummer Van Campbell.

Having been thoroughly enjoying this record since its arrival months ago, Victory Motel Sessions is jam packed with punk blues and sultry runs up and down the neck in slide form with all that textbook Freddy J IV crunch, a couple appearances by label mate Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow on some sailing solos, and the machine gun thunder of Campbells’ drum kit. If there’s a better drum baited rhythmic build up than the first 45 seconds of album opener “Rat Time” I’ve yet to hear it, feel free to send it along if you find that not to be the case. – READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW ON THE NO DEPRESSION SITE