4 stars ★★★★ review of GOSPELBEACH “Pacific Surf Line” from BLURT Magazine


There are a handful of songs that grab you immediately, like “Mick Jones,” “California Steamer,” “Out Of My Mind (On Cope and Reed,)” and “Alone,” all undeniably instant classics. Some other numbers were more like creepers, that grew on me after several hearings; “Southern Girl,” “Your Freedom,” “Damsel In Distress,” to point to a few. And, while all of the songs range from good to great, it’s the musicianship that steals the show here, just top-notch playing all the way. So, pull on your old Nudie jacket out of the mothballs, roll yourself a bomber, settle back in your overstuffed chair and enjoy that sweet Pacific surf line wherever you are. – Barry ST. Vitus / READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE