After dog bites, dive bars and jailed drummers, the Memphis blues-rockers have hit paydirt.

Justin Toland is channelling a higher power. “As a band, we’ve always just been able to tap into something,” considers the Dirty Streets frontman of his songwriting approach.

“It’s something you can’t explain, but there’s a magical, mysterious thing out there. You don’t ever see it. You can’t grab it or hold onto it. But you’re always trying to follow it. On White Horse, it felt like we were trying to tap into something that was already there, y’know?”

With this third album, the Memphis trio have plucked their best set of songs from the ether, and drawn a line under hardships suffered since their formation in 2007. “We couldn’t find anyone to play with,” recalls Toland. “We had drummers come in and out: one got arrested for stealing a car radio. There was no scene, so we were playing dive bars with punk bands. You’d bomb a lot. But you have nothing to lose. And through that, you develop.” – READ THE FEATURE HERE