PURE VOLUME premieres JAMES LEG’s “Dirty South”

Music fans will know James Leg for his work with the Black Diamond Heavies, but he’s also carved out a nice side solo career. His dirty keys and trademark gruffy howl have made him a favorite with the rough-and-tumble type and with good reason. Recently, Leg announced his plans to release his second proper solo album this year, and today, we’re excited to premiere the video for Leg’s cover of Bob Reuter’s “Dirty South.” The menacing track is as haunting as it is strangely soothing.

“‘Dirty South’ was written by my dear friend and hero, Bob Reuter of St Louis, Missouri,” Leg says. “I reckon it’s a song about what goes through a man’s mind at 5 in the morning when he can’t sleep and is layin in his own sweat.”