The BLOODHOUNDS live at Origami records


When listening to the Bloodhounds, my whole collection of oldies went through my mind in a few minutes, not that it is a bad thing, on the contrary, the quartet is a true-to-the-core 60’s R&B revival and they play it with a real conviction.

The Bloodhounds were playing an in-store at Origami Vinyl on Saturday night, and they rocked the place, attracting more and more people in the store with their upbeat and familiar rhythms. It’s always funny to see young guys who were not even a project in their parents’ minds in the 60’s or 70’s, but nevertheless embracing the retro wave, and mixing blues, old style R&B and good old rock & roll, with such ease and delightfulness… add to this a subtle Latino flavor, which makes total sense when you know they all come from East LA.

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