The energy that Collins and his band (producer Jim Diamond on bass and electric guitar, Eddie Baranek on electric guitar and David Shettler on drums supplementing Collins’ own rhythm guitar playing) display through this album is breathtaking. The band storm through the songs. Even on tracks like ‘With a Girl Like You’ where Collins and company slow things down a little, the power in his vocals along with Baranek’s stunning guitar sound still make for an exhilarating ride. There’s a distinct 50’s flavour to some of these songs too. Collins has made no secret of the fact that he wanted to make a rock and roll album, that he wanted to prove that good old fashioned rock and roll was still alive and relevant today, and he’s succeeded.

(…) Thanks Paul Collins, you’ve just made thousands of jaded music fans happy again while showing the young pretenders how it should be done and at the same time winning them over to. ‘Feel the Noise’; play it loud with company and see how long it takes before “Who is that?” is fired at you, followed by the words “It’s bloody good”. – Malcolm Carter

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