A-LINE review of BRIAN OLIVE “Two Of Everything”

Two Of Everything
by Taryn Tegarden 21.05.2011

I’m ready for summer, and thanks to Brian Olive there’s a soundtrack for the season.

The former Greenhornes and Soledad Brothers member has followed up his 2009 self-titled solo debut with Two of Everything (out June 7). Recorded at the Diamonds Building (right here in Cincinnati) with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, there are clear signs of the garage/blues sound you could come to expect from Olive and Auerbach’s past recordings. But with that is the welcome influence of Memphis soul, New Orleans funk and even a nod to ‘60s girl groups with female backing vocals on a handful of tracks. The dreamy, wailing voices are put up against fuzzy synthesizers, woodwinds and brass. Two of Everything should be played over the loud-speakers at pool parties, cookouts, and—here’s hoping—a summer celebratory crawfish boil. (Invite me, please. I’ve never been to one.)